X-Box Live Codes – Get on Without an X-Box Wireless Adapter

X-Box Live is an online gaming service game that caters to multiple players. It is operated by Microsoft. Each country has its pricing regulations for playing each game. The game has two versions – live gold and live silver.

It includes several features like video chat among the multiply players, creating your own avatars, displaying the mottos of each gamer, achievements of each gamer earned while playing, friends list, and guide. All these features are integrated with Windows live messenger.

But with these features come the price. It is expensive. But there are ways you can just go online and become part of the live community without spending a single cent. You can even get the live codes even without the wireless adapter. Here’s what you can do.

1. Get access to Internet services, preferably broadband. It’s best to have high speed net like DSL or cable; 2. Find a free trial subscription code. This is located underneath the two month free trail card that comes with the marked Live games which includes Battlefield 2: Modern Combat, Kingdom Under Fire, and Star Wars Battlefront.

3. Then you can connect and make your own account. You don’t need live codes. All you need is to choose the process that works best for you while you’re creating your trial account. This account will then set you up instantly with two months of incredible games on Live.

However, take note that the live codes you have will only work for two months. When the time comes that your two month trial has ended, you will have to pay the amount to use the features which also include X-Box Live and your access to X-Box Live Codes.

If it’s any consolation, there are games that come with a free trial. This usually works for 48 hours after the purchase of the game. This is a giveaway strategy by the games’ manufacturers in order for the gamers to have a feel and taste of the game for at least two months. If they realize that the game is for them, then that’s when they pay and that’s when the manufacturers get their money.

This is not the only Microsoft freebie. Occasionally, Microsoft has free weekends for the members to play the games online for a couple of hours. These weekends aren’t common and are usually sponsored by an organization. Microsoft also provides incentives like the Microsoft Diamond Card which can be used by all subscribers.

If you do need live codes, there are several sites where you can get these from. Some of these sites even offer free codes after you already had your dose of the game. You need to register, create a login account, and give your password in order for the site to have your personal information.

This is a give and take for you to have those codes which you can use even without an wireless adapter. The only way to be completely sure that you can get an X-Box Live without a networking adapter is learn how professionals do it and understand how networking works.

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