Roblox Helps You Make Your Own Xbox One Games

Roblox Helps You Make Your Own Xbox One Games
By Ryan McCaffrey Who wouldn't want to be “The YouTube of Video Games”? User-generated games portal Roblox is doing its best to apply the model to video games as opposed to just videos, by lowering the bar for content creation enough so that anyone …
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MMO für Kreative – "Roblox" erscheint auch für Xbox One
Nachdem schon auf PC, MAC, Android- oder iOS-Geräten kreativ gespielt werden kann, erscheint "Roblox" nun auch für Microsofts XboxONE. Ihr fragt euch was das für ein Spiel ist? "Roblox" definiert sich zunächst einmal als MMO, das aber überwiegend …

Roblox makes developing and publishing games for Xbox One much easier
Roblox is a popular video game development and publishing platform that allows for anyone to design and distribute a game for play on a variety of PC and mobile devices. Sometime in late January (no specific release date has been announced yet) Roblox …
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UGC-platform Roblox comes to Xbox One on January 27
"Developing Roblox for the Xbox One was an entirely new and ambitious project," Roblox software engineer Dan Healy wrote on the game's blog. "It's a game that is unlike anything on the Xbox One and pushes a lot of boundaries that no other titles have …