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Anyone can now publish on Xbox One thanks to ROBLOX
Sparkle 2 is a sequel to, you guessed it, the original Sparkle game. Gameplay consists of over 90 levels that must be solved through the use of orb slinging and puzzle solving. Here's the official description: …
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Newsbits: Cubot, Hyperdrive Massacre and ROBLOX hitting Xbox One this month
Microsoft ended 2015 with their “Greatest games lineup in History” and show no signs of slowing down with a smattering of indie games this January. Puzzle-game Cubot hit the Xbox store earlier this week on January 11 as a simplistic game based around …
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Xbox Store Today: Lego Avengers, Sparkle 2, Roblox
……And that's because Lego Avengers is now available to download for the Xbox One and Xbox 360. Developer TT Games dug deep into the Marvel Cinematic Universe to produce a new Lego-ized adaptation based on Captain America: The First Avenger, …
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