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John Carmack's Quest to Bring Minecraft to Virtual Reality
It came as quite a surprise at Oculus' developer conference back in September that Minecraft would come to support the Oculus Rift CV1 and Gear VR. And while that gives players something to look forward to as the Rift approaches its launch, the path …
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'Minecraft 1.8.8' Review: The Best Console Update Ever Breathes New Life Into
Minecraft Console Edition has been available for a long time now, especially on the older consoles, but I have to admit… I still play it more than any other game. And the sandbox extravaganza recently received new life with the release of the …

Microsoft acquires Minecraft's modified version for schools
SEATTLE — When Microsoft acquired the creator of the game Minecraft in 2014, the giant software company instantly got a cachet bump with children, picking up a blockbuster game app for a generation of kids who didn't depend on its products the way …
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