How Does X-Box Live Work Without an Wireless Adapter?
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by K-putt

People often wonder how does X-Box Live work. First and foremost, it is an online gaming service which caters to multiplayer. Anyone as long as they are connected to the net can play with each other on the games of their choice. It is operated by Microsoft. Every country has its own pricing regulations for the game.

The videogame has two versions – Live Silver and Live Gold. The company has launched these features that are a hit for its gamers. These include the video chat, the ability to create their own avatars and to display their own motto, the option to display the motto of every gamer and the points earned by each in every game.

There’s also the friends list as well as the guide. So if you are asked the question How Does the Live version work, these are already a mouthful. Also, these features are integrated alongside windows live messenger.

But these features are not cheap. They have a price and it is expensive. But there are ways for the gamer to get these features for free. He can just go online and become part of the Live community. He doesn’t have to spend a single cent. He can get the codes even without the wireless adapter. Now this question is elaborate further: how does the Live version works without an wireless adapter then?

This is easy once you have access to the Internet. Preferably, the connection must be broadband because it’s high speed. If you can, get DSL or cable. Then opt for a free trial subscription. This will provide you with the code that you can use for two months. It is located beneath the Two Month Free Trail Card.

It comes with the games box which also has three other games: Star Wars Battlefront, Kingdom Under Fire, and Battlefield 2: Modern Combat. Now, you can connect to X-Box Live and make your own account. You don’t need a adapter. Therefore, when someone asks you the question, “how does the Live version works without an adapter?” you can just share this process to him or her.

But you must be mindful that the Live codes you have can only function for two months. After the second month, the trial that you are using to play the game and other game enthusiasts will end. If you like what you played the past two months, then this is the time for you to pay so that you can still get the feature you’ve grown addicted to.

However, you have to remember that there is a limit on the answer to how does it works without an adapter. After your second month of free trial, you have to pay. This is a free trial tactic which Microsoft has been doing in order to get customers. They give them a free taste of their products first. If the gamer likes it, then that’s when he pays.

This marketing strategy has been proven to be a smart move for the longest time. More and more gamers are opting to pay for the Live codes after seeing how it works without an adapter, thanks to the free trial subscription for two months from the game’s manufacturer. The only way to be completely sure that you can get an X-Box Live without a networking adapter is learn how professionals do it and understand how networking works.

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