Enjoy Playing Minecraft? Learn How it is Made and Make the Most of Your Game.

Is your child obsessed with Minecraft? Well, he or she is in good company. The game has become a hit among both children and adults thanks to its engaging universe and unique style. While playing video games may have a stigma attached to it, the truth is that plenty of successful professionals are also gamers in their downtime. And Minecraft has become a favorite in the tech industry.

Why is that? For the most part, tech industry professionals probably like it for the same reasons your child does. It allows you to craft something that is uniquely yours and suited to your own vision. It requires you to think in a resourceful way and put yourself in the mind of your character, escaping from reality. Finally, this is a game that relies on many repetitive actions, making it almost meditative for those playing it. However, there is a specific reason that industry professionals enjoy the game, especially programmers: you can make mods to your little universe.

Not all children who play Minecraft understand how to makes these mods, so learning how will take your child’s game to the next level. But where can your child learn how to play like the pros?

Digital Media Academy offer summer camps centered on Minecraft in San Francisco and in other cities throughout the country. There are several different camps that are Minecraft centered, designed to reach children at a variety of different ages and interest levels. Below are just a few of the camps they offer.

Junior Adventures in 3D Game Design with Minecraft

In this summer camp, children ages 6-8 will learn programming basics and put them to work in the Minecraft universe. The camp focuses on skills that go beyond Minecraft itself, such as creative thinking and storytelling. During the one-week camp, your child will test his or her own game ideas and create new textures, environments, and challenges in Minecraft.

Minecraft Game Design and Plug-In Development

Children aged 10-12 can enroll in this camp. Campers will learn how to approach game design the same way that professionals do, brainstorming ideas that will attract other players to join in. Children who have no programming knowledge can learn the basics while those who already have a foundation will build on their knowledge by developing Minecraft server plugins. By the end of the camp, your child will know how to control his or her own universe in Minecraft through their own local or internet server.

Academy for Minecraft Modding and Game Design

This is in intensive two-week camp for children ages 12-17. This camp is for those who are serious about gaming and are considering it as a vital part of their future. This camp will teach children how to approach game design in the same way professionals do–slowly, methodically, and critically. Campers will learn how to modify Java code and ultimately remaster their Minecraft universe.

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